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clock contortions

Sigh … it is our bi-annual forced homage to the ruling class that we all must scurry about our small worlds adjusting every clock therein so we may continue to speak the same language regarding time-of-day as our peers speak… in all actuality, saving no daylight whatsoever.

Here is a supremely accurate analog clock to help with your big chore for the day:

Do not forget to reset each and every clock in your life today or you will be late tomorrow.

I also added it to the Bitterroot Bugle’s left column so you can find it any time of any day … so long as my site and the Internet last.

A regular un-favorite day of mine when the gubbmint reminds us they control our lives… and a day when I have to wear a watch, wandering my world changing the settings on a zillion different clocks, only a few of which are intuitive.

I have ranted about “daylight savings time” more than a few times. The ‘Old Indian’ meme says it as well as anything.

It sure is a shame about the hour I am losing this weekend.

It was the one I intended to spend worshiping our government.

While there is even a .gov website describing circadian rhythms, other than the governments of Arizona and Hawaii, the rest of the governments within the USofA seem to be clueless about it.

I’ll put it in simple terms even a legislator can comprehend:

Messing with our clocks messes us up.

The ONLY purpose it serves is to twice every year demonstrate governmental control over our daily lives.

It COSTS the economy money.
It kills hundreds of people every year.
And, most importantly,
It pisses me off.

One year I skipped it…
for a while.
It was tedious, and eventually I quit correcting everyone I talked to in a time-related subject and adjusted my timepieces to fit in with the masses.

I do love Zulu, UTC or Greenich Mean Time as used by time-zone spanning communities such as amateur radio. Same time round the world, year-round.

Much of my life was spent self-employed. While I changed my clocks to fit in, I did not change my circadian rhythms. Sunlight, sunset, high-noon all continue to disregard our lame-brained politicians. So do I… whenever possible.

I’ll change my clocks again. But once more it will be with a black mark against every politician I can think of… that will linger for 365 days afterward… times twice a year. That’s a lot of black ink on their hides.