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chronic bronchial congestion cured

I cannot think of any morning in recent memory where I did not wake up with lung and bronchial congestion. I find that taking two Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health tablets a day keeps my congestion under control. I forget or run out of those supplements once in a while and notice degradation.

It is chronic in me. I accept that … mostly.

I get up and am upright for an hour or two and it clears out until the next morning. Of late, it occasionally makes me get up around 3:00 AM for a couple hours to clear my chest enabling me to go back to sleep for a while longer.

Yesterday I was concerned that it was getting worse and lasting longer. I was about to “up my game” and start taking Naturade Herbal Expec, which has been my response when my bronchia isn’t clearing well. I know from experience ignoring it can easily turn to bronchitis and even pneumonia. But I also know that expectorants are bad for my liver and should not be used for more than 7 days.

So before starting my next-level protocol, I used the Internet to research alternatives. I found many references to using tea tree oil.

I have had some good experiences with essential oils for other applications, but this one seemed inadequate to me. I wanted something more powerful. teatree-oil

A lotion with ten drops of doTERRA melaleuca (tea tree) per tablespoon of carrier oil rubbed on the chest and neck at bedtime is just not what I was looking for. But I didn’t find anything else that seemed better, and I did have onhand both the tea tree oil and coconut oil, which is the most recommended carrier.

Ah, what can I lose from trying it one night?

How about my congestion?

Yeah. Gone.

I slept through the night.
I woke up with clear bronchia.
… and a lingering disbelief.

That couldn’t have worked.

I’m playing it back in my head.
Lungs: clear. Check.
History of congestion: Yeah. For a looong time. Check.
Many others on the Internet with the same claim.

I am also playing back my life experiences with mainstream medical establishment from private, group care and USAF medicine men. Antibiotics, feel icky, gets tolerable for a while, returns as usual. I knew, and still know that is not what I wanted, or want.

No wonder the FDA arm of the monstrous medical monopoly is going after essential oil providers.

It is consistent with their criminal, anti-our-health pattern.

Score one more round for historic medicine
… as opposed to what is often called “traditional medicine”.

The former, a thousands-of-years wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience.

The latter a political near monopoly of protected chemical producers and accomplices.