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chimney stabalizer

chimney stabalizer 1Our new woodstove was not drawing well enough. It was hard to start and the flow inadequate to keep the chimney clean. I had to extend it.

That created its own problem as the chimney was now just a stiff wind from being blown down. The ideal stabilizer setup was not available, so I had to improvise.

Setting the two struts at 90-degrees from each other would be perfect. But punching holes in roofs always adds risk and maintenance issues. So I really wanted side-mounting to the dormer to work, but the spread between the widest mounting points is woefully narrow.

chimney stabalizer 2Triangles are a builder’s friend

I picked up a couple of two-by-twos, my handsaw, screws, washers and set my improv-fabricator self to the task.

While 45-degree angles are the strongest, anywhere even vaguely close will be plenty-fine for this one. I just kinda held the first stick up, made pencil marks and cut somewhere near them. Screw that one on, then move towards the next one.

When it is all done I pushed, shoved and tested the chimney’s wiggle resistance.


chimney stabalizer 3.JPGWell, okay, it doesn’t look like a million bucks, but functionally it is great… and I am very much a form-follows-function sort of guy.

Given how much time and money I wanted to give this project, it is perfect.