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Censoring the census

Sigh… apparently my turn came up again for special attention from the USofA Census Bureau.

I received bonus letters in the mail, phone calls, Agent Smith visits and, today a FEDEX overnight letter soliciting my participation in their extra-curricular data mining program.

Their constitutional mandate is to count the number of people in each household within the borders of our country once every decade. All else is what our Army calls “mission creep”, Libertarians call “government over-reach” and computer geeks call “data mining”.

Regardless of the title, I am not keen on contributing to their dossier on me any more than I have to.

The last time the Census Bureau decided to dance with me was September 2010 – documented here: found my line

I did not look that interaction or my reaction to it until after I posted this year’s sign, but the message has not changed much in 23 years.

Text of the newer version is here on the right (pretty hard to read from the photo on the left).

Of course the chain link perimeter fence helps mark the turf as private property.

Last time I use RED construction marker paint across the driveway entrance, but it had the desired effect.

I suspect this year’s effort will also.

Of course the 120-pound pitt-shepherd supplies the exclamation point.


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