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Celtic Woman

mairead-susan-lynn-maireadGood friends introduced us to Celtic Woman.

The blending of traditional Celtic, classical music, quite possibly the finest performers of their art in the world, with great production and videography make truly awesome videos.

The vocals are so clean, clear and pure as to defy description by simple words.

Máiréad brings that same mastery to the violin with a physical energy and movement that absolutely defies the sound. I am sure the combination is impossible, but she consistently proves me wrong.

Missy and I have seen three of their videos twice … completely awed by all three. The first, titled simply “Celtic Woman” is not available at their website.

The second, Celtic Woman A Christmas Celebration while timely for this season, is a timeless, gorgeous treatment of familiar Christmas songs that shows them in their highest power and glory.

The third that we have seen thus far is Celtic Woman A New Journey. Filmed after dark live at Slane Castle, Ireland with air cold enough to see vocalists breath, this dynamic performance is our favorite. Neither the voices nor instruments show any sign of succumbing to the cold. The warmth, range and sound are among the best you will ever hear.

Give yourself a treat.
See one. See them all.
Buy the DVD. Buy all of them.
You will play it/them many times.

The links embedded above will take you to their website for purchasing. Of course other sources are available.