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Ada Posse meeting tonight

The neighborhood posses of Ada County meet:neighborhood-posse 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month, 1900 hrs Meridian Veteran’s Memorial Building 22 W. Broadway Meridian, Idaho ————— If you are able, please park at the Meridian City Hall across the street. Reserve the limited parking at the building for the less mobile among us. More information: http://teddunlap.net/?page_id=987 We will be discussing organization, expansion, how to reach various specialized groups, communications and more.

endorsement for Ted Dunlap

I met and spent some time with Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher at Canyon County sheriff candidate Ed Hendershot’s event in Caldwell. Jeff is a warm, caring, courageous and knowledgeable man anyone would be proud to know. I sure am. His endorsement of me and my sheriff campaign follows. It is with great honor and privilege that I endorse Ted Dunlap for your Ada County Idaho Sheriff. Why does a Delaware Sheriff concern himself with who is Sheriff in Idaho?, simply this, Whether you know it or not there is an attack upon the office of Sheriff here in America and the powers to be want it gone. That office is the one thing that stands between your constitutional rights, guaranteed […]

Constitution Day speech

I was one of the invited speakers at today’s Constitution Day Event on the Idaho Capital building steps. There were many great speeches. Almost all of them were heartfelt and strongly backed by long-term actions of the speakers. Here are my notes. I deviated only slightly from them in my presentation. Designed into our Constitution are many limits to an overwhelming STATE In the Constitution, the states retain all but strictly limited, delegated tasks 10th Amendment center and State sovereignty champions are winning some skirmishes here and there I ran for Idaho governor in 2006 and 2010 with the retained authority of the several states in mind Every officer, every official, every agent of the US government swears an oath […]

victimless crimes

I was interested in a couple of things you said on your site and in your flyers about lawful violations and crimes with real victims. What do you mean by that, and what are your ideas to fix the problem? – Mike Demory I have spent the last 15 years studying economics, sociology, government and laws from a perspective that is quite different than what is pushed by our government-controlled schools. Some of it is called Austrian economics and Libertarian politics, but I know it is too different to be well understood and accepted comfortably by all. So I have concluded that The Constitution is the foundation for our liberty, and that most people can embrace using that as our […]

Sheriff job definition

The Office of the County Sheriff dates back to at least 900 AD in England. The Sheriff had always been charged with protecting the rights and property of the sovereign. When the colonists came to North America, the Sheriff came too. He was still to protect the king’s interests. After the American Revolution, the Citizens became sovereign as individuals. The Office of County Sheriff remained. At that point, it became the duty and authority of the Sheriff to protect the Rights and property of the Sovereign Citizens – from any unlawful action. The Citizens then became the Sheriff’s boss. They still are. An invaluable reference tool on the authority of the County Sheriff is Anderson on Sheriffs: A Treatise on […]

Neighborhood Posse

I met with the sheriff of Modoc County, in the very upper-right-hand corner of California. His paid staff is one twentieth (1/20) the size of the county posse. The posse is an independent, non-profit, volunteer organization that is called on for everything from the mundane to major regional disasters. They have been HUGELY SUCCESSFUL at reducing crime, stretching resources and securing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in their neighborhood. We should work to form similar groups in our communities. Neighborhood Posse purpose, principles, bylaws Regardless of who holds the office of county sheriff, responsible adults have the right and responsibility to participate in the defense of, and emergency response of their neighborhoods. To this end, we join together […]

Ted Dunlap’s experience

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office has 613 employees totaling over 3,100 years of law enforcement experience. Without the incumbent, that will be reduced by 29 years of law enforcement experience (-0.9%) but increased by 35 years of private sector business management experience. Ted Dunlap learned The H-P Way of business management from Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in formal H-P training classes, and on the job for 12+ years. He simultaneously majored in business management at Sonoma State University while they were evolving their programs to include The H-P Way. The centerpiece of The H-P Way is “Management By Objectives”, wherein skilled managers inspire their subordinates to use their knowledge, experience and expertise to accomplish clearly-defined objectives. Contrast that with […]

Ted Dunlap for sheriff video interview by Elizabeth Alan Hodge

Elizabeth Alan Hodge interviewed me at the recent Boise gun show for her You-Tube station, “F.Y.Idaho”. I think this provides a good overview of who I am and what my campaign for Ada County Sheriff is about.

Patriot’s Day

In remembrance of the battles of Lexington and Concord opening the war for independence in April 19, 1775, the 7th annual Patriot’s Day Commemoration will be held downtown. I am among the speakers scheduled for this one-hour event. PATRIOT’S DAY COMMEMORATION April 19th, 2012 12:00 P.M. Steps of the Capitol Boise Idaho Program: Introduction by Benjamin Franklin (Terry Shepard) Emcee, Tom Munds opens with Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance Emcee, Tom Munds Speaks Ted Dunlap reads Governor’s Proclamation Ted Dunlap, candidate for Ada County Sheriff Speaks Patrick Henry (Jack Stuart) Speaks Ed Hendershot, candidate for Canyon County Sheriff Speaks Richard Donovan (Oathkeepers) Speaks Chad Inman (Tea Party Boise ) Speaks Lori Shewmaker (Idahoan’s For Liberty) Speaks Betsy Ross (Pat Harris) speaks […]

Ted Dunlap for Sheriff flier

I have created a brochure with some of highlights of why we should want, deserve and get a Constitutional Sheriff. If this got into enough hands we win a major leap in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Print a bunch. Do your part. Earn your liberty. You have nothing to lose but your shackles (okay, maybe a bit over the top). Ted sheriff_flier

campaign finance

A few weeks ago I recognized that this campaign is hugely important. Relative to our liberty, this is the most important undertaking of my life. I have to take it seriously. I have to make it my full time job. For all of our sakes, I cannot shirk nor take half measures. This takes money. Most has come from our family budget. The Ted Dunlap for Sheriff campaign is about to stall out for lack of funds. Please help. Help yourselves to liberty and security. Help your neighbors to liberty and security. If we don’t do this now, we just may lose it. Send a check to: Ted Dunlap for Sheriff P.O. Box 554 Kuna, ID 83634 —— What for? […]

law enforcement or peace officers?

Among major decisions facing Ada County voters, the November 6th election is about the difference in priorities and masters. Do you want law enforcement officers or peace officers? It is said that if all government legislative bodies from city councils to congress never wrote another law, there isn’t a person alive who could read all existing laws in their lifetime. It is widely acknowledged that no lawyer knows all the laws, nor does any judge, or peace officer. When driving your car does a police car behind yours bring comfort or nervousness? One of the main priorities for Sheriff Ted Dunlap will be reorientation of the primary priorities of the Ada County Sheriff’s Department. Serve and Protect will mean exactly […]