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Take Action: encourage your sheriff to be like this one

Ohio sheriff relays AND responds to warning given to National Sheriff’s Association This sheriff may not be perfect, but he certainly is blazing a good trail worth following for the 3,081 sheriffs in the USofA. All of them were invited to an official FBI briefing in Washington DC. The Butler County, Ohio sheriff was not only impressed with the gravity of the situation, He is taking action. That action is to recruit and involve good citizens of Butler County in building a team that may have a chance of survival against the immediate threats every county in the USofA is currently facing. According to FBI information – as well as what any of us paying attention already knew, the […]

dropping out

I sent this to family who are not operating on the same page as I am. I think you will understand as you read on. I had difficulty sleeping last night after our family ZOOM meeting. I love you guys too much to watch the show dispassionately. Masks, social distancing, and the next parts of the show are destroying your beautiful lives, families and communities for no good reason. Normal is not in our future. Worse is coming. I wish more people were psychologically, physically and spiritually prepared for the new world order. Family and community will be crucial. COVID, masks, lockdowns and “social distancing” are a deliberately implemented psychological operation to make that as difficult as possible. Knowledge and […]

join the Constitutional Sheriffs

The Constitutional Sheriffs Association is building county-by-county, state-by-state. There is no requirement to BE a sheriff. The requirement is that you SUPPORT a constitutional sheriff. That is, if you have one in your county, you are willing to stand WITH him (her). If you don’t, they you are working with those who would replace your current office holder with a real sheriff. That’s if there is time. If not, you are willing to be a part of the posse that does the job the sheriff should be helping to do. Check out their website here: Constitutional Sheriff’s Association I don’t know how it will blend with, work with the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association, but that one is designed […]

constitutional sheriff presentation

Yesterday evening I gave a presentation to Idaho Talks on the Constitutional Sheriff. I was asked to include ACTION ITEMS that they might have my suggestions on what they could or should be doing. I spent way too much time writing out my notes beforehand. Then I improvised heavily off the script. It was a full house audience of 30 or so. They inspired one of my better presentations. I did get a bit forceful at times, but, from the feedback afterward, that all came across very well. Here’s the notes I worked from: I’ve read that Native American villages often made decisions as a whole. In the lodge they would take turns holding the talking stick. The holder could […]

Raney comes out of the closet

I ran against the guy for a reason. One of us had the courage and knowledge to uphold the Constitution and be a key check and balance against federal government overreach. But he had too many advantages in that election. While 41,000 adults of Ada County understood what was at stake, they weren’t enough. Today the Idaho Statesman published Raney’s rationalization for subordinating his office to the federal police state. It is hard to describe politely. I suppose I should allow the possibility he is merely mistaken; ignorant of his job and the proper role of the sheriff. I know the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) has attempted to reach him numerous times. I know he was given […]

elephant sneaking up on us

It can be frustrating, trying to get people to prepare for civil unrest and disasters that leave our neighborhoods vulnerable to the lawless of one stripe or another. Why is it so unpopular to plan futher ahead than what’s for lunch today? The threats are so ominous and obvious to me, yet for the vast majority, an elephant is sneaking up on them. They will soon be surprised and shocked. Where did that come from??? Nobody could have seen that coming!!! Well, not true at all Kemosabe. The plotters, schemers and tyrants did everything but put it on your big screen TV. Heck, they even did that, but told you it was Spumoni ice cream and you believed their words […]

Time to be concerned?

I just added to and rearranged the front page here to put four important You-tube videos on the right side. There are many on the Internet covering the same areas of concern, but these are short, accurate and powerful. Europe’s economy and social situation is mere months ahead of ours. There are and were hardly any significant differences. Thus the first video with clips recorded this year in Europe could just as easily be clips from the USA just a few months into the future. A warning to America (5:52) The second one is of Lt. General Boykin (3-star) who recently retired from an insider position to the military structure in the U.S.A. He is clearly concerned and articulates well […]

election results

I was unable to attract much money, media or active campaign team, yet thanks to my websites, facebook and personal appearances, I did pretty well in attracting votes in Idaho’s most populous county anyway. I learned a lot about modern media, web-hosting, HTML and such that were good brain exercise and will probably be useful. I made a lot of friends and contacts who will be a nice part of my future. I certainly ramped up my name recognition, for whatever use that may have in the future. My vote totals are comparable to typical Democratic campaign results in the state and, I think, the second best the Libertarian party has ever received in Idaho. In a single-county race, I […]

VOTE Ted Dunlap for Sheriff

Ted Dunlap for Sheriff It is so much easier and safer than the other way to earn your freedom.

Idaho Statesman response

As one of two candidates for Ada County Sheriff, I met with the Idaho Statesman editorial board. Confident they would endorse the incumbent Republican, I had nothing to lose, so I determined that regardless of their questions I would introduce the topics and reasons I am running for sheriff. They seemed surprised and unaware of the recent flood of executive orders and bills signed by the president that remove our rights to trials, to have a sworn affidavit accusing us of a crime, to a lawyer, to our lives, and to our properties. It’s not just the Obama administration as Romney has publicly supported these unconstitutional acts too. Both presidential candidates claim that without notice or recourse, Americans can be […]

home stretch

Today there are 18 days before the election. I have a few appearances left and need to run another batch of handouts. I would very much appreciate some campaign donations to get’er done. Here: I made it easy: you can help elect Sheriff Ted Dunlap for Ada County var WePay = WePay || {}; WePay.load_widgets = WePay.load_widgets || function() { }; WePay.widgets = WePay.widgets || []; WePay.widgets.push( { object_id: 114039, widget_type: “donation_campaign”, anchor_id: “wepay_widget_anchor_5075e9891a211”, widget_options: { list_suggested_donations: true, allow_cover_fee: true, enable_recurring: true, allow_anonymous: true, button_text: “you can help elect Sheriff Ted Dunlap for Ada County” } }); if (!WePay.script) { WePay.script = document.createElement(‘script’);WePay.script.type = ‘text/javascript’;WePay.script.async = true; WePay.script.src = ‘https://static.wepay.com/min/js/widgets.v2.js’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(WePay.script, s); } else if (WePay.load_widgets) […]

Ada Liberty .com

I created and maintain two websites related to the Ted Dunlap for Ada County Sheriff election campaign. This one I intend to serve the people who are somewhat curious about who this guy is that is running for sheriff. Over at Ada Liberty .com, however, I publish a whole lot more information about WHY we need a Constitutional Sheriff. What are the threats to our liberty that are serious enough to inspire Ted Dunlap to spend most of a year in this effort? I suggest that the best way to understand that begins with the column on the left of that website. The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights are documented there as are the current raft of rules, laws […]