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become a Ham radio operator

UPCOMING FREE CLASSES Want to obtain your technician license? A tech class will be held October 7th.Classes will be every Tues from 7-9PM at the Stevi Library for 10 sessions. At the end of the ten week session a FCC Volunteer administered exam will be administered to qualify you for your FCC Amateur Radio License. Technician, general and extra class books are available through the club or at class for$29.95. Study online is also available. If you know of anyone who is interested in becoming a ham please give them this information. Lawrence can be reached at 777-0238 for more info. Less in-depth, but focused specifically on passing the tests are study sessions coming up in the Darby Library nearly […]

my radio shack is grounded

Coming out of the radio shack is a piece of 3/4″ copper pipe bent into an S for a radio-frequency (RF) ground. Also coming out is a chunk of #6 multi-strand serving as chassis and 120v ground. The ground wire itself is mostly #6 multi-stranded copper wire running a continuous 160-foot loop. At every turn, there are scraps of 3/4″ or 1/2″ copper pipe pounded two feet or so deep until stopped by rocks. electrical and RF grounds out of shackground loop heads north and east ground at south east cornerwest side of ground […]

Conner radio repeater

view up the west fork from repeaterToday I completed my part of construction for the future Ham radio repeater on the knoll above Conner. The first step was to get permission and signed contracts from the landowner allowing it to happen. That wasn’t hard as the new neighbors are great people who are becoming our friends… and who, active in search & rescue, are very supportive of radio communications. Next I had Jeff Cherry of U. S. Communications check the site and design the repeater … that he is donating, including installation. This, by the way, will dramatically enhance the ability of amateur radio operators in the Conner area of getting information to and from Darby, Hamilton, Missoula and beyond. […]