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Sheriff admits he can’t do job

The article below recently appeared in the Ravalli Republic. While that newspaper slanted the piece towards a view supporting the Sheriff’s quest for more taxes on the people of Ravalli County, or cuts in other services, my take is different. First I give you theirs. Ravalli County sheriff frustrated by commissioners, lack of budget support May 18, 2014 11:00 am • By Perry Backus Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman made his annual plea for help to the county commissioners Thursday. For years now, Hoffman has asked the commission for additional manpower in the form of new deputy sheriff positions to patrol the county. In the last decade, they have given him one. On Thursday morning, Hoffman told commissioners that his […]

Bitterroot Neighborhood Posse

The new patch is now under construction To save you some looking around for it, here’s the contract:   Bitterroot Neighborhood Posse purpose, principles, bylaws Responsible adults have the right and responsibility to participate in the defense of, and emergency response for their neighborhoods. To this end, we join together forming a mutual-aid organization as outlined in this document. There is nothing confrontational about it, nor is there any question of the legality of our right to freely associate and assemble. We take the responsibility to actively participate in the defense of our own life, liberty and property, as well as that of our families, neighbors and community. We renounce initiation or threat of force or fraud against persons or […]

odds n sods

I wrote this back in February, but never posted it – for reasons that are long gone. It is interesting, only partially out-of-date and has only a few obvious rough edges. I have been on-task with my freedom fighting posts since mid-week. The’re everywhere. Today I was plenty fired up and powerfully motivated with a video and essay. My gosh but it puts my future and political activism in perspective. Do you see what I see? These books, essay and video are stark reminders of the limited choices I have: Democide or fight. You may have seen Homeland Security’s new target posters training our homeland storm troopers to not hesitate before gunning us down. Someone made a poster of these […]

Walden Pond with snow

Gazing into my crystal ball I see the imminent demise of Ada Liberty .com. I built it to be a resource for liberty in Ada County, to highlight tyranny in this area and unite those who would resist it. Since May 7, 2012, it has grown to what you see there with 500 regular visitors and up to 11,000 pages viewed a month. Not bad for a guy keeping seven domains alive. But this guy is moving north – still within the Idaho Territory of 1860, but significantly disconnected from Ada County. We have found a beautiful place at the south end of the valley between the Bitterroot and Rocky mountain ranges, looking out the front window of a little […]

posse meeting Tuesday

The next posse meeting is April 2 at 1900 hrs. This will be a very significant one for the Neighborhood Posse of Ada County. The good news is the posse was called out on short notice and successfully rode to the rescue. We could have been better organized, but we could hardly have gained a better outcome. We have to count it as a success for our urgent response team and a warning to establish a better protocol for the future. The bad news for this group is that I am moving to Montana. It gets worse in that things have fallen into place to make the move a major rush. I have to be in Conner/Darby on April […]


About a year ago I had a couple of patches made up to my own specifications. I wore them on “my sheriff shirts” that I used for my public appearances. Obviously I like them. I think they say important things and should be part of the posse uniform. The first is inspired by a famous Thomas Jefferson quotation: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. The second is from the symbols electronic engineers and technicians use to communicate amongst themselves. When drawing a circuit, this is the symbol for a resistor. Many people look back to the founding era of this country and want to re-use flags and banners […]

good news, bad news

I’m catching up on important stuff. This one has been in my head for days, since Biden began jabbering about executive orders confiscating some of the most effective defensive weapons the people have left. I posted this one all but one of my sites. It belonged. Good news – Bad news The good news is our enemy thinks they cannot win. The bad news is they are about to declare war on you. You can tell by the frantic nature of their efforts to take away our semi-automatic rifles that everything else is in place. Their false flag events are getting sloppier and more frequent, but the people are not quite as stupid as they hoped. Congress still doesn’t have […]

join the posse

This is just an example of one posse within Ada County. Kuna happens to be small enough that one posse will probably be enough. Boise, on the other hand, will likely develop several posses for various areas within Boise. Any neighborhood group can pull one together if several responsible, active people decide to. — BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR — Join the Kuna Posse * Civil Defense * Emergency Response * Disaster Preparedness *Security for local events * Be a valuable part of your community while working with great friends All skills and talents are needed from trained veterans to those interested in learning emergency response, observation, reporting, ham radio, crowd control, community events, legal use of force, etc. Team leaders, […]