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editor wanted

“A newspaper has three things to do. One is to amuse, another is to entertain and the rest is to mislead.” — Ernest Bevin – British Foreign Minister This week’s Kuna/Melba news arrived containing an announcement seeking a new editor. Boy-oh-boy would I change a few things. It has degenerated into a school newspaper, celebrating the small percentage of kids who excel at playing the featured games of the season as if THOSE are the most interesting, important activities in our community. People who build, help others, protect, inspire, teach, share … THESE are the things that develop a strong community. This is what builds valued characteristics in people. Opportunities, threats, productivity and those who serve as role models, who […]

mass mind control

Near the end of a meeting last night whose main speaker explained Agenda 21, someone proposed writing letters to television networks requesting more accurate news. I briefly explained the media monopoly and told them, Six corporations gained control of 96% of the media for a reason: To shape the information you get. They want to control what goes into your mind. They are not going to give that power up because you ask nicely. Remove yourself from their power. Gather your news from the Internet. You will have to use your head to tell fact from fiction, but unlike television, at least the truth is available. I was a little surprised at how strongly I said it, felt it, […]

reliable news

It is eating at me that mainstream mythology, the propaganda propagators have such a large audience. Even people who grok much of the political climate still find themselves allowing the liars into their living room, and into their brains. Just say NO. Take a month off. Use the sources listed and linked below for a month. When you return, you will see clearly what you couldn’t see before you left. You are likely to head right back out the door to never return. Vote with your feet. Take away their power one brain at a time, starting with yours. Since it is my article, I’ll start off with my websites, then move into my favorites from there in no particular […]