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courtin’ disaster

My wife’s news tidbit of the day was an NPR story this morning that the brown color in some “food product” was actually made from cow poop. I don’t know if that is true or not, but my mind skips that discussion and jumps straight to the next step that will happen VS what should happen. What will happen will NOT have any negative consequences for the people who decided to put cow poop in a product sold as food. Neither is it likely to compensate the people who paid for and consumed stuff they no longer consider to be good food. No. Third and fourth parties who have no dog in the race at all will move a bunch […]

Any law repugnant to the Constitution….

We are approaching the most serious intersection the USA has faced since the Civil War – some say even more serious than that. The Kuna City Council can join other cities, counties and states in the USA that are heading off what is shaping up to be a horrifying confrontation between the defenders and usurpers of the Constitution. In my run for sheriff and since, I have heard the seriousness and resolve of Idahoans who will not compromise their rights to self-defense. This is not a few crackpots, but a huge mass of people who understand the Constitution to mean what it says and take seriously their role in preserving it for our future and that of our offspring. In […]


This is going to be interesting. Today’s incoming mail contained a summons to jury duty for the Idaho state coordinator of the Fully Informed Jury Association. I have never served on a jury. Oh, I’ve been called in. I have sat in jury rooms and court rooms for days. I have approached baliffs with explanations of why, or actually attempted to explain why I should be ALLOWED to go back to work as there is NO WAY they will let me serve on this one or that for this reason or the other. But NO, I have to sit quietly and watch the most painful show on earth as three law school graduates test the patience and willingness of the […]