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good news, bad news

I’m catching up on important stuff. This one has been in my head for days, since Biden began jabbering about executive orders confiscating some of the most effective defensive weapons the people have left. I posted this one all but one of my sites. It belonged. Good news – Bad news The good news is our enemy thinks they cannot win. The bad news is they are about to declare war on you. You can tell by the frantic nature of their efforts to take away our semi-automatic rifles that everything else is in place. Their false flag events are getting sloppier and more frequent, but the people are not quite as stupid as they hoped. Congress still doesn’t have […]

Merry Christmas, you are in a war zone

I promised myself I would take the day off from fighting. I even thought I would take a day off from technology – not even turn on my computer or access the Internet. But the moment I broke the latter, the former was brought to me. The enemy did not take a day off. They refused to honor the holiday. Thus, if you want a day off from ugliness, don’t read this. Have a Merry Christmas.Enjoy the family, friends and a wonderful day off from it all. Put this aside until tomorrow, along with all of your news sources. But if you can’t resist any of it, look here too. I just published a set of three articles that are […]

gun control works … for some people

For this message I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. The people of these countries, the families, friends and neighbors discussed gun control. There were simply more people willing to accept disarmament and trust their government than there people who didn’t. In every case, the government had to have a monopoly on guns, that is long guns, rifles, current-technology military-style weapons, BEFORE they could accomplish their real agenda. This debate may seem unimportant or about a handful of hunters wanting to pursue a passtime others deem barbaric. It is not. It is a life and death struggle between those who don’t respect others and those who do. Make sure the owners of the mass communication tools do not […]

stinking up the airwaves

Smelling exactly like many other false flag events created to gain popular acceptance of their agenda, the Connecticutt school shooting facts coming from non-mainstream sources vary dramatically from what the television is feeding its audience. Police radio broadcasts said they caught one gunman escaping into the woods and had another face down, cuffed in the parking lot. Students and faculty saw and heard multiple shooters and shooters with rifles. The “lone killer” had a handgun in each hand and a rifle in his car. As Paul Craig Roberts writes: … the accused dead gunman, whom no one can interrogate, if he is indeed the culprit, killed the children with handguns, not with an “assault rifle” left in the car, but […]

Time to be concerned?

I just added to and rearranged the front page here to put four important You-tube videos on the right side. There are many on the Internet covering the same areas of concern, but these are short, accurate and powerful. Europe’s economy and social situation is mere months ahead of ours. There are and were hardly any significant differences. Thus the first video with clips recorded this year in Europe could just as easily be clips from the USA just a few months into the future. A warning to America (5:52) The second one is of Lt. General Boykin (3-star) who recently retired from an insider position to the military structure in the U.S.A. He is clearly concerned and articulates well […]