Ted’s essays

web hosting bill comes due

I am one of those fixed-income retirees of modest means that you hear about from time to time. I have not quite figured me out, but I am working on it. I enjoy puttering in my woodshop, metalshop, inventor/creator space. I also like playing trombone, upright bass and elementary artistic painting … and a few other hands-on-type things, mostly creative. What I do with much of my time instead is what I consider to be my community service… rewarding in their own ways of course, but not quite as much FUN. In that category are the classes I taught through the Darby Adult Education program to help people earn and upgrade their amateur radio licenses, understand Linux operating systems, […]

home stretch

Today there are 18 days before the election. I have a few appearances left and need to run another batch of handouts. I would very much appreciate some campaign donations to get’er done. Here: I made it easy: you can help elect Sheriff Ted Dunlap for Ada County var WePay = WePay || {}; WePay.load_widgets = WePay.load_widgets || function() { }; WePay.widgets = WePay.widgets || []; WePay.widgets.push( { object_id: 114039, widget_type: “donation_campaign”, anchor_id: “wepay_widget_anchor_5075e9891a211”, widget_options: { list_suggested_donations: true, allow_cover_fee: true, enable_recurring: true, allow_anonymous: true, button_text: “you can help elect Sheriff Ted Dunlap for Ada County” } }); if (!WePay.script) { WePay.script = document.createElement(‘script’);WePay.script.type = ‘text/javascript’;WePay.script.async = true; WePay.script.src = ‘https://static.wepay.com/min/js/widgets.v2.js’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(WePay.script, s); } else if (WePay.load_widgets) […]

Kuna police services

Several of the non-incumbent candidates are strongly challenging the cost of Kuna’s existing police services. Me too. Take a glance at the bottom of the page for a list of personnel and salaries that we contract from Ada County. Past mayor and current mayoral candidate Greg Nelson and I are both open to a review and excited about the potential for budgetary savings simultaneous with service improvements. There are three good options with several variations within them. Option 1: Request proposals from nearby police agencies including Nampa, Owyhee County, Canyon County and others. Option 2: Request proposal from Ada County in light of the proposals received from others above. Option 3: Working with local, experienced law enforcement administrators, develop a […]