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democracy – I hate that word

Those who know me well, know I don’t use the word “hate” lightly. It is a powerful emotion reserved for special cases. What the power brokers and ruling elite have done to our constitutional republic is bad; awful perhaps. But planting that word on the lips of every government school employee, every politician and every talking head on the state media has been outright devious. “A democracy is a government in the hands of men of low birth, no property, and vulgar employments.“– Aristotle(384-322 BC) — Greek philosopher “Liberty has never lasted long in a democracy, nor has it ever ended in anything better than despotism.“– Fisher Ames — (1758-1808), American statesman, orator and political writer “Democracies have ever been […]

small business

A small business association was interested in how I felt about their constituency. I have created, grown and sold a couple of them myself, in addition to raising my three daughters almost exclusively via my small business. Probably the best way to explain my sentiments for this group of creative entrepreneurs is to share the brochure I single-handedly created years ago… that is I took the photos, interviewed the business people, wrote the text, designed the brochure and printed a bunch of them. As you can probably tell, I designed it to be a tri-fold handout printed on both sides to promote the Libertarian Party of Idaho and my election campaign of 2006. Here is a .pdf of that document […]

what a bubble looks like

The graph below is a great picture of a bubble that should have burst a long time ago… but it keeps holding together and making the eventual crash much, much worse. King World News published it in a very good article: DANGER: The Global Collapse Is Now Accelerating To appreciate the chart, first understand the red bars. Other than the little blips of green, this is showing investors OWING money on stocks they have “purchased”. The stock prices and all indices of them are inflated by credit, debt. Once upon a time, people INVESTED money in stock. Storing your SAVED money in stocks was riskier than storing your savings in a bank, but it potentially earned more. In either case, […]

how to make a trillion dollars

In five easy steps, you too can be a trillionaire. Earn unbelievable income without any hard work or risk of your own money. 1. Make up your own currency. It should look like a trusted currency, but does not need any backing such as gold, silver or real estate. Just so long as it resembles one that does. Change a few letters or words, but nobody will notice subtle differences. 2. You will have to print some percentage of it onto currency-resembling paper with unusual, cool-looking inks. Happily, most of the money you spread around can just be made up on your home computer. Transfer generous amounts of money from thin air electronically to bank accounts as loans. 3. Collect […]

where to stash your cash

In the social media realm, I do spend some time hanging out at The Trombone Forum where I find folks who love The Instrument Of The Gods as much and more than I do. I tend to avoid political and economic discussions as the prevailing mentality is strongly statist, socialist and fascist. Kind of like at the family or neighborhood gathering where you simply don’t discuss politics and religion. But every once in a while my reserve is weak and I kick their comfortable mythology in the teeth. I rarely don’t regret it as the massive dog pile that lands on my post reminds me of just how popular is the faith in Big Brother among music teachers, music professors […]


I just finished a major project researching, combining and editing a timeline of central banking. People continually look at the puppet and the words it emits as if they have meaning. To find the meaning, you MUST trace the strings up to the puppet master. Do not look there to words, however, but to the actions. Only there will you begin to understand why awful things happen in a world so full of wonderful people. Please take some time to understand what the heck happened … and through that gain much insight into what may and what you should do about it all. Puppet Masters

wish I said that

I’ve tried to explain it hundreds of times, but never said it better. The smartphone analogy is great. – Ted Ignore These 16 Digits at Your Own Risk Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader, Thursday afternoon, the Federal Reserve revealed its holdings of U.S. government debt had increased to an all-time record of $1,696,691,000,000. Yup, that’s $1.6 trillion dollars. Why is this so important? Because the Fed has no money of its own. The money they used to buy the “U.S. government debt” was created by a few simple keystrokes at a computer in the N.Y. Federal Reserve building… created “out of thin air.” Why should you care about all this? Here’s why. Imagine if each person on the planet could […]

Fast Buck Freddy

I have long wanted to post about my enlightened rediscovery of the Jefferson Starship song Fast Buck Freddie. Dang, there I was enjoying the tunes and musicianship of musical titans while they were railing against enemies I had yet to recognize. This isn’t the only song they put out that contained political messages well ahead of the time, way out in front of even the 1%-ers. Listen again and think: Federal Reserve, Bilderberg, Central Banks. Fast Buck Freddie This music is still GREAT! They introduced me to jazz fiddle and Papa John Creech. There is some wonderful bass driving along underneath it all and popping up to the top from time to time. Harmony. Melody. Rhythm. Balance. Do modern bands […]

the fiscal cliff is NOT news

If what passes for knowledge comes from mainstream news, you might think a “fiscal cliff” has suddenly appeared in front of the world economy. You may believe the “experts” discovering it and the politicians claiming to do something about it. * smoke * * mirrors * * obfuscation * (putting it as politely as possible) The people who want the world economy to break that they may own it all have been working towards this moment for GENERATIONS. This did not sneak up on us or them. This is not an accident. This is NOT NEWS. The solutions they pretend to offer via their hired media and politicians ARE part of the plan. I started publishing about it in September […]

Hi Ho Silver

There are two fundamental schools of economic thought. The Keynesian mythology says that the bankers and government can manipulate the money supply to your benefit, but historically have never done that. Just keep allowing them to suck the lifeblood of the economy and someday A) they will finally deliver on their promises – or B) they will be the ruling elite with none but peasants underneath them. With extensive data and historical record behind it, the Austrian Economic community is absolutely certain of imminent collapse of the fiat (unbacked paper) economy. You do not have time for extensive study to conclude this. You must act while you have the opportunity. You must act on faith. In fact, you will most […]