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Take Action: encourage your sheriff to be like this one

Ohio sheriff relays AND responds to warning given to National Sheriff’s Association This sheriff may not be perfect, but he certainly is blazing a good trail worth following for the 3,081 sheriffs in the USofA. All of them were invited to an official FBI briefing in Washington DC. The Butler County, Ohio sheriff was not only impressed with the gravity of the situation, He is taking action. That action is to recruit and involve good citizens of Butler County in building a team that may have a chance of survival against the immediate threats every county in the USofA is currently facing. According to FBI information – as well as what any of us paying attention already knew, the […]

dropping out

I sent this to family who are not operating on the same page as I am. I think you will understand as you read on. I had difficulty sleeping last night after our family ZOOM meeting. I love you guys too much to watch the show dispassionately. Masks, social distancing, and the next parts of the show are destroying your beautiful lives, families and communities for no good reason. Normal is not in our future. Worse is coming. I wish more people were psychologically, physically and spiritually prepared for the new world order. Family and community will be crucial. COVID, masks, lockdowns and “social distancing” are a deliberately implemented psychological operation to make that as difficult as possible. Knowledge and […]

constitutional sheriff

Elizabeth Hodge interviewed me when I was running for Ada County sheriff. I just tripped over it today. The interview explains the concept as well as I have seen it done. It is still valid, and incredibly valuable to those USofA counties who have elected constitutional sheriffs. Coming out of nowhere with no significant support, I shocked the 20-year incumbent by garnering 40,943 votes. The incumbent was startled. He had not been in any contest that close, and sure as heck didn’t expect it from my campaign. Unfortunately, it was only 26% of the votes. I suspect $10,000 in campaign finances could have won it for us. I’m happy nobody did that to me. I like where I am. […]

Sheriff admits he can’t do job

The article below recently appeared in the Ravalli Republic. While that newspaper slanted the piece towards a view supporting the Sheriff’s quest for more taxes on the people of Ravalli County, or cuts in other services, my take is different. First I give you theirs. Ravalli County sheriff frustrated by commissioners, lack of budget support May 18, 2014 11:00 am • By Perry Backus Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman made his annual plea for help to the county commissioners Thursday. For years now, Hoffman has asked the commission for additional manpower in the form of new deputy sheriff positions to patrol the county. In the last decade, they have given him one. On Thursday morning, Hoffman told commissioners that his […]

running for Ravalli County Sheriff

I was disappointed to see that the incumbent Ravalli County Sheriff was running unopposed. He is not THAT good. Nobody is. I did a little feasibility study with a few selected friends. At a meeting today, I was strongly encouraged to run for this office. We are off and running. We have until the 27th of this month to gather 700 registered voter signatures in order to have a choice November 4th. The county sheriff is more important than most people understand. Please look at the PAGES linked on the left column of this website for more information. It matters – to you – to me – to all of us.

join the Constitutional Sheriffs

The Constitutional Sheriffs Association is building county-by-county, state-by-state. There is no requirement to BE a sheriff. The requirement is that you SUPPORT a constitutional sheriff. That is, if you have one in your county, you are willing to stand WITH him (her). If you don’t, they you are working with those who would replace your current office holder with a real sheriff. That’s if there is time. If not, you are willing to be a part of the posse that does the job the sheriff should be helping to do. Check out their website here: Constitutional Sheriff’s Association I don’t know how it will blend with, work with the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association, but that one is designed […]

constitutional sheriff presentation

Yesterday evening I gave a presentation to Idaho Talks on the Constitutional Sheriff. I was asked to include ACTION ITEMS that they might have my suggestions on what they could or should be doing. I spent way too much time writing out my notes beforehand. Then I improvised heavily off the script. It was a full house audience of 30 or so. They inspired one of my better presentations. I did get a bit forceful at times, but, from the feedback afterward, that all came across very well. Here’s the notes I worked from: I’ve read that Native American villages often made decisions as a whole. In the lodge they would take turns holding the talking stick. The holder could […]

Raney comes out of the closet

I ran against the guy for a reason. One of us had the courage and knowledge to uphold the Constitution and be a key check and balance against federal government overreach. But he had too many advantages in that election. While 41,000 adults of Ada County understood what was at stake, they weren’t enough. Today the Idaho Statesman published Raney’s rationalization for subordinating his office to the federal police state. It is hard to describe politely. I suppose I should allow the possibility he is merely mistaken; ignorant of his job and the proper role of the sheriff. I know the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) has attempted to reach him numerous times. I know he was given […]

Any law repugnant to the Constitution….

We are approaching the most serious intersection the USA has faced since the Civil War – some say even more serious than that. The Kuna City Council can join other cities, counties and states in the USA that are heading off what is shaping up to be a horrifying confrontation between the defenders and usurpers of the Constitution. In my run for sheriff and since, I have heard the seriousness and resolve of Idahoans who will not compromise their rights to self-defense. This is not a few crackpots, but a huge mass of people who understand the Constitution to mean what it says and take seriously their role in preserving it for our future and that of our offspring. In […]

Oath Keepers

I’m working on a presentation I get to make in the Capital Rotunda at noon. This is part of it. I am thrilled that Oath Keepers is firming up its stance. I’m in GREAT company. Oath Keepers, and its founder Stewart Rhodes, has always had a very firm line drawn between itself and political activism or confrontational words. This has frustrated many patriots who have seen a massive threat building on the other side of the ramparts and who wanted Oath Keepers to attack NOW!!! No, the strength of Oath Keepers is its simple, easy to accept message: You swore an oath to the Constitution. We ask that you think about it, and resolve in your mind that you meant […]

good news, bad news

I’m catching up on important stuff. This one has been in my head for days, since Biden began jabbering about executive orders confiscating some of the most effective defensive weapons the people have left. I posted this one all but one of my sites. It belonged. Good news – Bad news The good news is our enemy thinks they cannot win. The bad news is they are about to declare war on you. You can tell by the frantic nature of their efforts to take away our semi-automatic rifles that everything else is in place. Their false flag events are getting sloppier and more frequent, but the people are not quite as stupid as they hoped. Congress still doesn’t have […]

election results

I was unable to attract much money, media or active campaign team, yet thanks to my websites, facebook and personal appearances, I did pretty well in attracting votes in Idaho’s most populous county anyway. I learned a lot about modern media, web-hosting, HTML and such that were good brain exercise and will probably be useful. I made a lot of friends and contacts who will be a nice part of my future. I certainly ramped up my name recognition, for whatever use that may have in the future. My vote totals are comparable to typical Democratic campaign results in the state and, I think, the second best the Libertarian party has ever received in Idaho. In a single-county race, I […]