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Can’t shoot the messenger?

Pick a random target and shoot them.

Or maybe the target is not so random…

I don’t figure I need to put up links. Ya’all know the leaked e-mails exposed the Clintons, the DNC, Obama, the Clinton Foundation and many top level officials for corruption, election rigging, pedophilia, a trail of lies, bribes, bombs and dead bodies.

Real media, real investigative journalism would have these people and these stories laid bare before an outraged populace.

But the presstitutes are lockstep hammering “the Russians” for hacking the Clinton’s illegal computer system that the secretary of state used instead of the computer system belonging to the US State Department that she was required to use (felony, treason).

Evidence of this Russian hack: NONE. Not a shred. “We can’t tell you what we have. It would expose our secrets.” Well, that is kinda-almost true … just completely untrue the way they are saying it.

The most important element of The Story: The Criminality the leaks exposed. While there is a large percentage of us who are keeping our eyes on The Story, those who get their realities programmed into their heads by lamestream media are missing the mountain while focusing on a dust speck … a made-up dust speck at that.

Where did the leaks come squirting out?

Wikileaks … a famously reliable, unimpeachable news source that has never been found to publish untruths in spite of efforts by all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to discredit them.

Where does Wikileaks say the information they published came from?
“It was leaked by an insider.”
It was not the result of a hack.
It was not from “the Russians”.

But what do the presstitutes of the Bilderberg’s propaganda arm say?

Who cares?
Nobody should be paying them any attention at all.
Happily, fewer and fewer people are.

The FBI, CIA, USofA military leadership and others have civil war going on within their ranks. Far too many of them know the truth and do not like it! While the top bosses are appointed insiders, there are plenty of honorable people underneath who have seen the criminal evidence and are not happy that the psychopaths and sociopaths are running rampant in positions of power.

The current administration is protecting the family. One of the main reasons they have pulled out all the stops trying to prevent the Trump administration from replacing them is that the Trump train may not extend their long-term protection contract.

It is not like nobody knows what is at stake here. While this widely publicized rampage went viral, the scrubbing team removed many instances of it from the Internet.

Nevertheless, there is no way the criminal elements at the top can ALLOW, a relatively unfriendly to take office … if they can help it.

Quite literally, their lives are at stake. There is NOTHING they won’t do to escape justice.

Blaming the Russians for trumped-up hacking is the tip of the iceberg.

Lining the Russian border with tanks, bombs, troops, etcetera is a scary setup.

Doing it while screaming,
“The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming”
is scarier still.

If they don’t blow up the world before January 20th,
I will breath a sigh of relief.

If this psychopath meets justice, I won’t be alone dancing in the street.