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The Kuna Melba News asked for 400 words describing who Ted Dunlap is and why he is running for Ada County Sheriff. This is my response:


Ted Dunlap, 63 years old, semi-retired, current business called “The Fixer” because my best talents are coming up with creative solutions to vexing problems utilizing my varied talents, experience and tools.

Experience: 30+ years private sector supervision & management. Hewlett-Packard, The Gentleman Farmer, Soil Food

Education: Sonoma State University, Business Management, Hewlett-Packard, supervision & management, 20+ years self-employed, manager, supervisor, owner-operator

The county sheriff is the top law enforcement officer elected directly by the people, swearing an oath to The Constitution, answerable directly to the people and, if he takes his job and oath seriously, he will serve and protect the life, liberty and property of those people.

I am running for Ada County sheriff to see that job done properly.

If elected, Sheriff Ted Dunlap will join 200 Constitutional Sheriffs in Idaho and across the USA in stopping illegal enforcement of unconstitutional laws, illegal searches and seizures, along with working to ensure protection against common criminals.

There is no more important election in Ada County and no higher or more honorable calling of all elected offices.

In 2006 and 2010, I ran for Idaho governor. The governor could have supported and signed instead of vetoing numerous laws supporting the Constitutional predominance of state sovereignty against federal takeover. At the very least, I hoped to introduce into the debate, traditional conservative values and the balance of power that made America great. I was successful in the latter, and you can see that as the videos of the debates are still available on my website: teddunlap.net.
Now the best hope for liberty in this country is best explained by the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association.

There is a major consolidation of local, state and federal police agencies in the USofA. Federal agencies like the IRS, ATF, Homeland Security and many more are being heavily armed, armored and turned into a super-police agency. In a dramatic shift this year, the century-old ban against domestic use of USA military forces has been eliminated.

The only real protection our Constitution has is the county sheriff in those counties that have a Constitutional Sheriff, along with a strong, independent posse. This is far and away the most important issue facing not only the Ada County Sheriffs Office, but all of the people of Ada County.

For more information, see my website TedDunlap.net.