Ted’s essays

campaign finance

A few weeks ago I recognized that this campaign is hugely important.
Relative to our liberty, this is the most important undertaking of my life.
I have to take it seriously.
I have to make it my full time job.
For all of our sakes, I cannot shirk nor take half measures.

This takes money. Most has come from our family budget.

The Ted Dunlap for Sheriff campaign is about to stall out for lack of funds.

Please help.
Help yourselves to liberty and security.
Help your neighbors to liberty and security.
If we don’t do this now, we just may lose it.

Send a check to:
Ted Dunlap for Sheriff
P.O. Box 554
Kuna, ID 83634

—— What for? ——
Here are some of the extraordinary campaign expenses not in normal budgets:

700 miles of driving to meetings, and campaign errands (and a LOT more to go)
$100 for Internet and web hosting
$50 outside printing costs – (and we need to spend a lot more soon)
$75 home office computer printing supplies
$120 uniforms, patches, fabric and thread for gun-show worker vests
$50 more in patches needed for vests
$40 table fee for April 14-15 gun show

There are a number of organizations and associations I should be joining and affiliated with. These networks matter. They each want $50 to $100 for a year’s membership.

Please take a look at your own budget and make an investment in genuine Homeland Security for Ada County.

. . .

By the way, anyone who thinks I’m in this race for my ego hasn’t met me. Please do. I am happy to come talk to any group anywhere in Ada County.

I even have and will make a few trips to support Constitutional Sheriff efforts in adjacent counties.