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Californicating Conner

lane on the right must be expanded to handle 21,000 dump truck loads

lane above the right bank must be expanded to handle 21,000 dump truck loads

Mike Parkinson has applied with DEQ for an open cut gravel mining pit on the Trinity Ranch property.

The main access road will be the one that connects to Shigley Lane – the one lane dirt road leading by the mobile home park, along the East Fork of the Bitterroot River and exiting at the Conner Post Office, Store and Bar.

Parkinson, who visits a couple of times a year from his home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, did not notify any of the residents or landowners who would be receiving the dust and noise from this major quarry and trucking operation.

His initial request is to mine 300,000 cubic yards, which is approximately 21,000 dump trucks hauling load out 7am-7-pm five days a week … and 21,000 empty dump trucks banging their way in five days a week … assuming he lives within the limits of his contract with DEQ.

Quiet little Conner will not be quiet at all if he has his way with us.

Nor will the fishermen who come for some of the best fly fishing in the world enjoy the peace and tranquility that draws them to this stretch of river.

Destroyed will be the quiet, beautiful little slice of nature that drew us to live by the one-lane dirt road with a farm truck passing by every day or two, where the kids play, we walk our dogs and stand chatting any time our paths cross.

Here is the DEQ OPENCUT MINING PROGRAM permit application mister bigbucks submitted

… 47 pages of half-truths and outright lies.

Needless to say, DEQ is not the only place this needs to be considered.

While the man with money driving his soul can’t see a difference between Conner, Montana and downtown Los Angeles.

We need to help him with his vision problem.