Ted’s essays

CAD trusses

My neighbor’s add-on insulated roof blew off his mobile home. It was badly designed and poorly installed, having nearly flattened out. He knew full well he had to come up with a way to repair it, but had not come to grips with the level of removal / repair that it really needed.

Ma Nature did him a huge service. With one BIG GUST, she lifted the roof off, flipped it onto the ground, placing it neatly between the other trailer, our house, our truck, his shed … it landed in the ONLY clear space large enough to receive it intact – his lawn and the driveway.

Mrs. Fixer gathered up all the insulation and tarped it to prevent loss or damage. I had slipped on my boots to go do the job, but she reminded me that my back is only 4 months along in a 6 month rehabilitation process. My body has currently disallowed picking things up.

Dave and I have talked off and on about what has to be done. He’s had lots of suggestions and eagerly adopted mine … but continues to adopt others that aren’t going to work as well for him. I finally got around to drawing one on paper that he can stick with. I utilized the scrap and salvage that he has a’plenty. I also designed it with economy and simplicity as high priority.

I think with it set to paper, he can move forward from a solid “foundation” and get on with materials shopping and other steps towards restoration.


I really enjoy engineering designs with paper, pencil, ERASER, triangles, squares and my head. I’ve tried a couple of CAD drawing programs but did not enjoy the process. Pencil and paper are truly enjoyable.

I have recorded 1,231 songs onto my computer and have a number of CDs yet to go before I start seeking other sources. I enjoy a wide variety of music, favoring jazz, but including classical, rock, country and others. Variety is King. Radio stations ALL fall short in this crucial measure. Thus, when I listen to music, my computer is the DJ of choice.

Tonight’s engineering project was done to the music from my computer. Therefore, the above drawing clearly qualifies as Computer-Aided-Design.