Ted’s essays

building pad adjustments

My equipment operator skills returned quickly, but my foundation layout talent never existed, and did not magically appear. Said another way, my first shot was off a bit. I had to rework it before the concrete partners did their job.

Part of my weakness is not having the cool tools that the real guys use, like a laser-transit and two-man tape measure. Watching them work had me forgiving myself for incompetence where I was outside my skillset and toolset.

Thanks in part to a great community, the recovery was quick and not overly expensive.

The track hoe I rented was just as cool as I remembered from past experiences. The first phase needed the loader bucket of the back hoe, but for excavation it cannot match the speed and agility of the dedicated digging machine.

Having it on site also enabled me to complete one of my Round TUIT someday landscaping projects way ahead of schedule.