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build your own website

Among the Darby Adult Ed classes open for signups until Wednesday are four I’m offering to teach. As with all of their classes, 7 or more students have to sign up in order for them to happen. The complete listing of classes is here: Course Information Spring 2014

Signups are open until Wednesday the 22nd

Easily Develop and Publish Your WebsiteThe Fixer wizard 100pix

Easy to use, personalize and share, WordPress software makes building your own website accessable to non-technical people. You get to focus on publishing your words, pictures and designs.

This course will take you from domain naming, buying, establishing, privatizing and building an easy-to-maintain website. Students will have to make an online purchase with their credit card for domain ownership, privacy and one year web hosting – cost: $94.

Within weeks friends, family and the world can see YOURNAME.com on the World Wide Web. Easier for Linux users (preceding class highly recommended).

Instructor: Ted Dunlap (406) 381-3450, ted@thefixer.biz

Instructor Info: Ted has over 20 years in computers including creating office automation classes for Hewlett Packard in the early days of the Windows operating system. He has been a webmaster since 2007, creating and hosting numerous websites for business, politics and personal uses. See www.thefixer.biz for one example with links to others.

Dates: Thurs, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Darby Library
4 sessions $16 regular / $8 senior
Material Fee: none to instructor; online purchase: $94 – shared website and costs are okay with instructor.