Ted’s essays

Break is over

I have been working on
The serenity to accept what I cannot change.

For me that is more difficult than the other parts of The Serenity Prayer:
The courage to change what I can
The wisdom to know the difference

My nature drives me to defend the weak against bullies. Those running the SCAM-DEMIC are very much my natural enemies.

However, most of the victims are tenaciously hanging on to the fiction; adamantly eschewing the facts that are so widely available to the rest of us. I have stored up a large collection of data, memes, quotations and charts on this current war against humanity.

I have not published much on it of late because of the feeling that it is all there for anybody who wants it. I am highly frustrated by the sheep eagerly running from an imaginary virus into the arms of a toxic injection program, hiding their smiles from their communities, accepting the crushing of all small entrepreneurial enterprises and destruction of community all while being distracted by the cheapest, thinnest, goofiest political theater I have ever seen.

That leads me to the “courage to change what I can” part. I have to keep trying. If I help one person that is better than none.

So I am back.

Over the next week or so I will be organizing, categorizing and publishing my stored data on the entire scam-demic in bite-sized pieces.

Check back regularly. Share any bits you find valuable. If you help one person …