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Brave New World

Yesterday I finished reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932). A climactic scene had “the savage” free a group of Deltas, who had from before birth been designed and raised to be happy in their vassalage.

It didn’t work. They preferred their state-assigned jobs and state-issued hallucinogen, soma.

I empathize with the savage.

Perhaps The Controller is correct. I need to reread his explanation of why the quiet of servitude in the brave new world is superior to the tumult of liberty to really appreciate the perspective. I know that is not for me, but believe it is good for me to understand why it works for so many; for the vast majority; for the masses.

Unfortunately it is psychopaths and sociopaths who devote their lives to achieving positions in front of the flock. The worst of mankind are the ones dedicated to wearing the title “leader”.

The comfort of having everything decided for you, handed to you and directed for you while you just take your soma is temptingly easy for most, but a horror for complete individuals.

The quadrennial paying-attention-to-politics season was particularly disgusting this time. Not so much that the race to the bottom achieved new lows, but that the amount of solid criminal evidence against The Hildabeast widely published in real news sources, was completely ignored by the presstitutes, all three branches of the feral government and, worst of all, by thousands of adoring fans.

Right beside that on the ugly scale was the aforementioned’s ability to ignore blatant, repeated, voter fraud on a grand scale. It is not maybe or a little, but hundreds of thousands, even millions of votes in both the Democratic primary, and the general election.

Apparently that is acceptable to all; the new normal. Even obvious criminality, fraud and disenfranchisement are okay.

Please pass the soma.