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boycott the election

yelling-underwaterOne more time, someone rolls out the old “boycott the vote”. I’ve heard that frustrated sales pitch for over a decade. The claim is that withdrawing your permission will make the fascism go away.

Absolutely myopic at best; more likely fully blind to reality.

Currently 70% of the adults do not vote. The voting 30% split something like 16% for the next ruler, 13% for the loser and 1% for the independent spirits who ran on their integrity because they believed in something so strongly they put their time and money where their mouths were.

The media played it as if it were a two-way race. Of course it did, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the same organization that owns the two main political parties.

Do they care that 70% of the adults did not vote? Heck no.

Would they care of only 29% voted? Pshaw!

Would they be impressed if only 10% voted?
Wouldn’t change a thing. They would still cheerfully report the percentages of votes cast and gleefully divvy up the spoils.

Bullies understand one thing: power.

The media reports that a majority of the votes cast went to so-n-so. The public accepts so-n-so as the new boss (same as the old boss). The downward spiral continues unabated.

Until the power is removed from the media, nothing changes. You want a useful boycott, OBSERVE NO MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Accept no indoctrination controlled by the rulers – yep, including the government education system.

Alternatively, if one quarter of that 70% non-voting public came out and voted for the alternate candidate, *POOF* there is a political change that really does something. A message sending shock-waves through the establishment has been sent.

In cases like a Constitutional Sheriff, the rules of dominance in the whole county changes in one fell swoop.

It would be impossible for the mainstream media to ignore the results.

Occupation of the seat of power by the royals would stop immediately.

One winning candidate from non-corporate parties would invigorate competition. The 70% would awaken to the possibilities. So would the 30%. The curtain would part completely exposing the man behind it. The puppet show would collapse for lack of audience.

Go ahead and boycott the election. Better still, dive to the bottom of a lake and yell obscenities at the ruling elite. They will be real impressed.