Ted’s essays

Bosco at eleven point seven weeks

The photo does not capture how BIG his feet and forelegs are. This boy has a sturdy foundation.

Better still, he is super attached to HIS PEOPLE. He prances up to us any time and all the time with long tail waving all the way.

Of course he still is a puppy and eager to chew on us and everything else that comes his way. We need to make sure there are acceptable things to chew on always available.

According to puppychart.com, he is destined to be 95 pounds as an adult, which is larger than the standard for either part of his mix, German Shepherd or Pit Bull … and he was not the large Alpha in the litter, just the friendliest and most eager to explore.

Bosco is definitely a happy face in our lives.

P.S. I’m thinking “Bull Shepherd” might be a good name for his muttliness.