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Bosco at 5.7 months

He is shaping up to be an excellent dog.

Yeah, the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) side needs employment … OR ELSE … they self-employ … and the owners are guaranteed to not like their ideas. But, dang, they make great family dogs.

I suspect Bosco’s ears are a month from standing up like proper GSD ears, but his head seems otherwise dominated by his American Pit Bull (APB) half. Both are described as athletic and strong; both traits desirable in a country dog.

Puppy Chart .com estimates my 68.6-pound 5.6-month-old will be a 100-pound adult.

*WARNING* Stay on top of training. You won’t want an out-of-control Big, Strong, Athletic, Inventive dog.

Dogtime.com is an EXCELLENT reference tool. The peculiarities of each breed can serve owners quite well … or plague them. Therein lies the advantage of purebred dogs … and muts from known purebred parents.

I have been hankering for another mastiff down-line since enjoying a wonderful decade with my Newfoundland. A bit less drool and hair would please my wife, so what does that leave?

With more than a little study, the American Pit Bulls have approached the top of the charts. Contrary to the lamestream media reputation, their actual downside is “too friendly towards strangers”. “If you want a watch dog, American Pit Bulls are not it”.

Hopefully, Bosco will have enough of the GSD half to function in that role. He already seems ready to confront strangers … and to eagerly welcome them when properly introduced.

… looking good so far …

Once again, I recommend Dogtime.com.

I have been a DOG GUY since about 5-years-old … over 60 years of dedicated relationships.

Dogtime’s descriptions match my experience.

At over a decade each, learning from individual dogs can take several lifetimes. A little study online can marvelously shortcut that process.

Not to sound like an advertisement for them, but Dogtime’s dog breed selector is outstanding. That is not to say “Perfect”. None can be. Every litter is full of individuals. Then their environment changes everything. Starting with the right ingredients is important, but what you do with it is more so.

Just DO NOT start with something quite different from what you want.

By the way … referencing the photo of Bosco drinking from HIS creek … he and we are quite spoiled. I, at least, know this very well. He, on the other hand, assumes it all as his domain; his right. He simply does not know of a single natural being who doesn’t have a year-round creek running through their yard… Doesn’t everybody?

Missy’s Blab (Beagle-Lab) is doing a great job of teaching Bosco proper doggie behaviour, including my unique whistle that expects AND GETS immediate recall.

Scooter was so dang kind when he was tiny that I was dazzled. Our only-child prima-donna demonstrated paitience and gentleness that completely surprised me. Far more so was her deferential treatment. He was ALPHA at 10 pounds to her 40.
She decreed it.

Now they are peers. I don’t quite get it. Nevertheless, they have played happily, enthusiastically and taught themselves how to have EXUBERANT fun without hurting each other.

Both the GSD and APB are noted “mouthy dogs”. My Newfoundland taught me all about that. They want to taste you; to hold you. Not bite or hurt, just to hold your hand in the only way they can. Allow them that and you can be friends.

I understand that Bosco wants to hold my hand
– his only tool is his mouth.
So I allow him that.
But insist he be gentle.
He’s getting it.

By the way, the dogs are part of our family…

and we are theirs.

The relationship goes both ways.

Nice partnership.