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book bonanza

desktop bookcase 1I have been making custom bookcases and shelves in our compact cabin home for two years. We finally got to the point we could bring the last load of boxed-up books home … we thought. More on that in a bit.

desktop bookcase 2In honor of the dozen boxes full of books we brought into our home today, we ORGANIZED THEM. Ohmygosh! Can you imagine?

Well, yeah. My economics and political science books are all on the shelving unit by the front door.

entry bookcaseMy music books are all together in the horizontal filing tray. Upright next to them are my blacksmithing, welding, wiring, rigging and mechanical arts books.

Above that are the BIG BOOKS like When Technology Fails, Gray’s Anatomy, Natural Healing and all those how to do stuff for health, household, medicine and healing. Nearby is a horizontal stack of art paper and my two how-to-draw books.

Missy's studio bookcase 1In Missy’s studio space, also known as The Guest Room are the novels, collections, cookbooks, dietary health, paperbacks, and appropriately enough, emotional health reference books.

Missy's studio bookcase 2.JPG

workbench bookcaseOn the wall opposite my desk is a shelving set holding my amateur radios, battery-operated tools and, as of today, my war book collection.

It is really exciting for both of us to have our books out where we can see them AND in some coherent pattern where we can find The One we are looking for at the moment.

Just when I thought I had put a shelf into every nook available, we came up with another 7-foot-long, hardbound-book-capable shelf in our bedroom.

That one now awaits the appropriate board for me to begin construction. Which, in turn, gives a reprieve to the two boxes of books that did not fit on our current shelves.