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bombing Hawaii

I have been waiting with great interest for plausable stories regarding the missile warning issued to Hawaiians. For 32 minutes cell phones, televisions, Internet, highway message boards and other available media warned them to “Take cover incoming missile”.

We are supposed to believe the official story that someone slipped on a banna peal and bumped the button triggering this message as they attempted to break their fall… or something as lame as that.

For no particularly good reason, I am reminded of a book I read 30 years ago, The Day We Bombed Utah. Needless to say, as long as they are not present, any people and any place are expendable to the ruling elite.

What did NOT happen in Hawaii was an accidental false alarm.

What did happen?

I share a few maybes with you.

First, and foremost, The Deep State is in deep trouble. They need something REALLY BIG to keep the hangman’s noose from settling around their necks. There is nothing they will not stoop to.

Massive 11 Count Indictment Involving Clinton, Obama, Comey, Lynch Facing Criminal Prosecution

Greg Hunter: Reset Rule of Law

The Plot Thickens; Tom Fitton Hints Hillary Clinton Was “Hiding Everything” on Her Private Email Server

Trump We Have Found Hillary’s 33,000 ‘Missing’ Emails

What do psychopaths and sociopaths accustumed to ultimate power do when seriously threatened?

Get ready for something major – and to disbelieve 100% what lamestream media tells you happened.

X22Report Q Anon, a False Flag Attempt Is Headed Our Way

The Failed Nuke Attack on Hawaii Was Not a Hoax

Hawaii Tourists Say That They Saw Something Blow up in the Sky

NWO attempts to start WW3

News like this is blossoming on the Internet. The buildings packed with full-time debunkers are burning the midnight oil trying to keep a lid on this … but we outnumber them a thousand to one, and truth has a ring to it just not evident in the fictions they peddle.

Pay attention.
If it looks like a duck,
walks like a duck,
quacks like a duck –
odds are it is a duck.

While difficult to know what is true, lies are easier to discern. Mainstream media, the propoganda arm of the military industrial complex and deep state, has been pushing North Korea, Russia, Iran, China and occasionally others as GREAT THREATS we need to be terrified of, and therefore support more war, more weapons, more military spending. Darn near everything they put out is untrue. If it is important, they are lying about it.

Greater threats include the US Air Force which is already bombing us across the country around the clock with aersol spraying a multitude of chemicals and biological agents that are bad for humans, animals, plants and all other life on Earth. USAF has also attacked US, for goodness sakes, US! with directed energy weapons we helped them finance and build. Has, and will continue until public complaints force them to quit… no time in the near future, methinks.

The real, major, immediate threat according to many sources is for MAJOR FALSE FLAG EVENTS, or thwarted events. Notice the use of the plural.

Real threats are CIA, USAF, US Navy, Israel, private military contractors, “allied” special forces and so on. Definitely NOT the ones who will be blamed for whatever BIG ATTACK comes our way.

The attack will be the excuse to do whatever they wanted to including triggering WWIII. It will be a lie. The truth, unfortunately, is unlikely to matter.

Indictments, trials, justice for the psychopaths at the top will conveniently slip-slide-away. Unless somehow the world gets lucky.

As the monster that has been our deep state thrashes about severely wounded, it is VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. These people are going to squeeze triggers on every weapon they have in a spray and pray mode.

Keep your head down and powder dry.

Don’t forget to enjoy the show. There never has been anything like it in the history of mankind, nor will there ever again be.



Albert Einstein

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Albert Einstein