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Bitterroot Community Band videos

Here are videos taken from our July 25th Daly Mansion gig.

The canopy of trees overhead does not reflect and focus our sound like a real bandshell, but it came out fine… probably better live than with a compact camera on video mode.

I, on the other hand, never get past the back row while we are playing. Thus this is as close as I can come to hearing our music from the front and thank my wife for shooting us. 😉

The musicians involved fondly call this “The summer sight-reading program”. We practice a generous fistfull of charts on Tuesday, then play them later in the week for an audience. Next week we roll through another fistful of fresh charts. A serious performance band would work, work, work the same tunes to a high level of refinement. That’s not our program.

Nevertheless, enough of the musicians in our community band are competent sight readers and our directors are outstanding in turning that into a nice sound.

Regardless of the things my trombone/euphonium section got right and wrong, the only contribution of mine I can clearly hear is my antique Tijuana Taxi Horn in the last song above.

Next year I vow to hit the first practice of June with a stronger embouchure and a little more familiarity with the type of charts we read through the summer.

Consider joining us if you are in the area.

– Ted