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Bitterroot Community Band remaining summer schedule

There are a few opportunities left to catch this band before they close down for the winter … okay, more accurately, the non-summer season.

We play while public schools are not in session. That is because a significant number of our musicians as well as the director are music teachers during the school year. Thus we only run our “summer sight reading program” during the non-school period.

Everybody is welcome. Thus the skill levels vary a bit, but I happened in front of the band while it was practicing Tuesday and it sounded sharp! In the trombone section at the back of the band I rarely get the big picture.
But it is good.
The reviews are good.
The price is good.
Whaddya waiting for?

Our Daly Mansion gig:
Thursday, July 25th, 7:00pm

is our ONLY fund raiser of the year.
$5 single entry, $15 family,
plus strawberry shortcake for sale during our intermission.

Our operating expenses are modest, but real. We do not demand that the young students playing with us contribute financially, but are otherwise self-financed. A little help from our friends is always welcome.

Join us to listen.

Join us to play.

You are welcome either way.

This is a summer-series concert band open to anyone who wants to play their band instruments. We play high school level charts at various free-to-the-public gigs around the Bitterroot.

I encourage you to print one of these schedules for your bulletin board

[and another one or two for public bulletin boards.]

2019 Summer Schedule .pdf