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Bitterroot Blues Band

Blues begat country. Rock came from blues. Swing, Dixieland and jazz also evolved from the blues. Blues is a familiar form of music to most of us, even if we don’t know it.

The best part of music is making it; playing your own instrument. That is what we will be doing Saturday evenings this semester thanks to the Darby Adult Education program.

Our foundation will be the blues, but we will drift into one or more of its offspring depending on desires of the participating musicians.

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We are excited to announce our Course Calendar! Please read below for course descriptions.

You can register online TODAY.

Course Registration Deadline is Friday, January 26th.

Course prices are $2/hour and $1/hour for seniors, to be paid to the Darby School District.

Contact Shelby Rogala at adultedu@darby.k12.mt.us if you have any questions.

Experienced performing musicians are welcome as are beginners and everyone in between. Dust off that instrument of yours and give it some outings. We will play, learn, share and make music for the sheer joy of it.

Though scheduled for one hour every Saturday, we may run over if we are having too much fun, and some absences are fine.

Instructor: Ted Dunlap (ted at bitterrootbugle dot com)

Instructor Info: Ted is an intermediate trombone player, novice trombone teacher and beginning upright bass player. He has created several bands and performed in many from fourth grade into his retirement years.

Date: Saturday evenings,

January 20th through May 12th

Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Darby High School music room

The Darby Adult Ed program is eminently affordable. As you might notice above, class fees are $2 per hour regularly and $1 per hour for 60 and over. Every minute we play past 6:00pm is free for all.

Of course there are no classes without students. In this case, a minimum of seven are required to make a class happen. Thus the Bitterroot Blues Band is depending on seven of you to sign up by January 17th.

Do not wait. Get signed up NOW.

Good News / Bad News

I have had an incredibly enthusiastic reception for my Bitterroot Blues Band project and adult ed class from everyone I have told about it. The staff at Darby Schools is excited and very helpful. They share my vision of a community music opportunity for all of us.

Unfortunately, nobody has signed up yet. We need a minimum of 7 participants signed up by the 17th of January in order to run this under the auspicies of Darby Adult Ed, and to use the Darby High School music room with its nice library of charts.

Update: As of Wednesday afternoon we are up to four registered musicians. My excitement is building.

Dream On

The Adult Ed semester ends in May. My interest in making music will not end there. If that is true of half a dozen or more of us, The Music Does Not Stop.

There is no telling what offspring this may have.