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reserve charts

We have played with these, and may play again. The charts we use depends on the band we have at any given time. I may move these charts to the primary list at any time.

Download the tunes I have digitized below.

down_by_the_riverside_G_bass clef

down_by_the_riverside_G_ guitar notes + tab

down_by_the_riverside_G_ guit_tab

down_by_the_riverside_G_ tbne+piano

down_by_the_riverside_G_ treble-clef guitar

Fly Me to the Moon_C_ bass clef

Fly Me to the Moon_C_ keyboard, vocal, chords, TAB

i_aint_got_nobody_G_keyboard, bass clef

i_aint_got_nobody_G_treble, tab, vocal

Just Squeeze Me_F_ bass clef

Just Squeeze Me_F_keyboard, vocal, chord, TAB

stjamesinfirmary_D_bass clef, keyboard_d3


Summertime_C_ bass clef

Summertime_C_ piano, chords

When The Saints_C_ bass clef

When The Saints_C_ piano, chords, treble chords