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Bitterroot Blues Band

The Bitterroot Blues Band is a Spring 2018 Darby Adult Education class. This one is open to 16-18-year-old musicians at no cost, as long as they fit in with the rest of the musicians.

I encourage young, old and in-between to join us, or at least come by to see if you might want to.

We meet in the Darby High School music room on Saturday evenings.
I open the doors at 4:30.
Downbeat is at 5:00.
Class ends officially at 6:00.
We usually stay a bit late.
We are scheduled every Saturday to June 30th.

Full-term class fees were $48 regular, $24 for 60-and-above, free for students under 18. I will try to work with the Adult Ed program to pro-rate if you want to join us mid-term and cost is an issue to you.

Attached to this page are two pages of charts.

The PRIMARY charts are those I expect to be working with next Saturday … and beyond.

We have played most of the RESERVE charts, but with the current composition of the band, these are not as well suited to us as the other list. If you want to move one from that list to the primary list, just show up and make that request.