Ted’s essays

Bitterroot Band plays to seniors

We play for the joy of music, friendship and sharing with the community.

Our video and audio recording equipment is very basic Harvey Homeowner stuff that does not quite capture the best of our performance, but perhaps you can understand from it what we are doing here.

This was from our much appreciated performance at an old-folks rest home December 23rd.

We read through an entire Christmas Carols song book, though I only share three of the tunes here.

While our movie camera does have the ability to take stills while recording video, that feature was not used. Below I share a selection of screen shots from the movies. Missy shot nearly every tune, but that was too much for here or my Brighteon video channel.

You COULD take your own screen shots from the above videos or pick and choose any from the bunch below.

Feel free to share or use any of this for good… as opposed to “for evil”.