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Biggest adventure thus far for Piglet and Dr Zee

Today we took our longest ride to date.

Our destination was Lake Como. Taking Old Darby Road to Lake Como road accumulated 18 miles on Piglet’s odometer.

Missy handled the combination of pavement and gravel road like a veteran. Neither of us have any love for the uneasy footing gravel provides.

Her thrift store biker outfit now includes a BRIGHT, reflective backpack. She is taking all the new rider instructions quite seriously and making darn sure she does her part to be seen… by semi-attentive auto drivers.

Mostly I follow at whatever pace she finds comfortable, but upon reaching Lake Como Road she asked me to take the lead rather than chancing a wrong turn through the multiple choices that come along.

Her on Piglet and me on Dr. Zee make a nice pair. We are comfortable and compatible. I prefer accompanying her on my bike rather than my relatively chubby-feeling Polaris Sportsman ATV.

Once at the lake for our break and photo ops she informed me I could go faster.

On the way back I did that. She’s got Piglet screaming along at 40mph now.

I am heartened to see her riding with competence and confidence.

Best of all: She’s enjoying the rides.

Note to us: Probably ought to refill Piglet’s peanut-sized fuel tank. That 100+mpg thirst is swilling the fuel with all this riding time.