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banashing bad dreams

Occasionally I will have dreams several nights in a row where my life is in extreme danger but the firearm I have does not match the ammunition available, I am unable to deploy not-quite available guns, am grossly out-gunned or some other failing. These dreams stop coming as soon as I take some time during the day, go to a range, and do some shooting … handgun, shotgun, rifle … what I shoot doesn’t seem to matter. Defenseless dreams disappear.

Recently my wife and I seeemed to be on a streak of unpleasant dreams that did not involve shooting. They just weren’t good interpersonally or physically, and left us lying awake for longer than sweet dreams would have. Even the dogs seemed to be troubled in their sleep. When I added it up, I developed a theory that there was something in the air … or kind-of like that.

The Internet is my friend … I websearched good energy, bad energy and such coming across many woo-woo ideas about improving the cosmic aura of a space… all the while maintaining skepticism regarding my diagnosis as well as any of the prescriptions offered.  Negative ION generators, various essential oils, indoor waterfalls, Himalayan salt lamps, diffusers, humidifiers … lots of theories … many possibities … but, still …

I bought the salt lamp. It was a modest investment, had lots of good reviews for multiple reasons and was unlikely to hurt anything, including the family budget.

I also purchased a modern quiet-running humidifier that is essential-oil friendly. What the heck, Montana winter air is notoriously crisp and DRY.

I have been running the humidifier with ‘calming oils*‘ in my studio and the salt lamp in our bedroom for six days and nights now.  Our dream states have been pleasant, calm and peaceful. The dogs have not been fussing in their sleep. The humans seem to be more at peace during the day.

Of course it is totally circumstantial and of no consequence whatsoever… but I’ll keep running both for now.

Pleasant dreams


*essential oils reputed to have calming effect: sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, lavender