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aye dee ten tee

I have been driving since I was about four years old. I am not talking about holding a steering wheel in order to get from one place to another, but actively, purposefully, concetrating on the art and science of really driving two, four and more wheeled vehicles.

A real joy to me is getting 10 10ths of the capability out of the motor vehicle I am piloting. I have raced with many who think they are running the course at full chat, then give me a go in their car. Not occasionally, but every time, my first run in a car I have never driven before beats their best lap time. It is likely the only thing I am exceptional at … and for the most part, not of great value.

Except the dozen or so times I could have died but for my exceptional driving skills … turning potential headons, multiple total brake failures and other “causes of accidents” into non-events. In my one and only unplanned car wreck I was around 10-years-old when mechanical failure on my hand-built wooden coaster fishtailed me into a boulder the size of a Volkswagen.

My otherwise unblemished record still stands.

I was not driving the red truck. I was not even in it. The dang thing doesn’t even run, it is just a parts truck (that just got a bit more expensive).

However, blush, I was supposed to be in control of it when a brain fade had me not secure it adequately to my trailer and I got to watch helplessly in the rear view mirror as it rolled off the trailer and down the gentle slope to stop after laying the junction box out.

Pretty cheap brain fade … as those things go. I’ll likely get a bill from Century Link for a hundred bucks or so. I confessed. Heck, I called them and turned myself in. It is cheaper than lying.

But a reminder. Pay attention. Always.

I explained it to my wife as having had an “aye dee ten tee moment”. Then spelled it out for her.

I _ D _ 10 _ T

A bit closer together ….