Ted’s essays


One might assume I am a pessimist expecting TEOTWAWKI too soon to do any long-term projects.

That one would be wrong.

While I continue my drive to be prepared for Bilderberg-engineered disasters, I also recognize their schemes continue to be frustrated by events beyond their control.

So I prune fruit trees, plant blueberries and build an asparagus bed as if I might get to enjoy the fruits of that labor two or more years hence.

Yesterday it was blueberries.

Today asparagus.

On the north side of our year-round creek I put four roots each in their own discrete beds. This is much like their natural habitat. I’m thinking they may like it a lot … and reward me by populating our creek in that area with lots and lots of yummy asparagus that almost grows itself.

On the south side, up at the edge of the historic garden, I put in a more traditional long bed. There, too, I was cognizant of the creek and asparagus’ natural affinity for same. Hopefully in the long run it will expand all around that area.

You might note that the tools in this project were my hands, a shovel and a wheelbarrow. I could not, cannot think of more efficient or effective ones … well, other than a hired young laborer.

Surely tomorrow will be a day of rest … or at least less demanding on my old body.