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Any law repugnant to the Constitution….

We are approaching the most serious intersection the USA has faced since the Civil War – some say even more serious than that. The Kuna City Council can join other cities, counties and states in the USA that are heading off what is shaping up to be a horrifying confrontation between the defenders and usurpers of the Constitution.

In my run for sheriff and since, I have heard the seriousness and resolve of Idahoans who will not compromise their rights to self-defense. This is not a few crackpots, but a huge mass of people who understand the Constitution to mean what it says and take seriously their role in preserving it for our future and that of our offspring.

In my run for Ada County Sheriff, I had no law enforcement experience, was not running as a Republican, was not the incumbent, had no financial backing and did not have the media on my side. My incumbent had ALL OF THOSE in his favor. The 41,014 people who voted for me were responding to my offer to stand tall as a Constitutional Sheriff – to serve the people by enforcing the law as written and intended. This is not a group I’m in charge of. This is not a group I lead. But this is a huge number of people who are very concerned – so concerned they voted for a nobody who just happened to speak for them.

Please take the time to read this article online at Kuna Idaho .net:

Much smaller potatoes, but a serious issue nonetheless, is the article I posted afterwards, that shows up on the page above:

I will be following through on both of them. I hope I have your support.