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American hero; American tragedy

Morgan Freeman’s essay on the latest school shootings covers an important aspect of it. Mainstream media is quite clearly guilty of sensationalizing the murderer which encourages imitators. Morgan suggests we would be much smarter to remember at least one victim’s name than that of the sick perpetrator.

american-teacher-victoriaI agree that is an important aspect and great point. I propose Victoria Soto, 27. She was a first-grade teacher who liked to tell stories about her students. She lived in a pale blue house with her mother and three siblings, sometimes shoveling snow from an ailing neighbor’s walkway.

When the shooting started Vicki hid her kids in closets. When the gunman came into her room she told him the class was in gym. She was then murdered. The shooter moved on without looking for, or finding the children in her classroom.

I look at Victoria’s picture, think about her last minutes of life and my heart aches.

Stop reading now.

Think about what we lost.


Of course we are upset, angry and want to DO SOMETHING to prevent recurrance. This is pretty-much an unavoidable natural reaction. And it is great that we work that way. But beware simple answers to complex problems.

Mainstream media and every other media are awash with THE SOLUTION.

Anyone who proposes ONE solution is wrong. Mainstream media, the disinformation arm of the ruling elite, is busy marketing personal disarmament as THE ANSWER. The history of arms being the exclusive right of the rulers is horrifying. Search gun control images for a sampling. Guns are definitely not the problem.

israeli-teacherCertainly a part of the answer is widespread disdain for the illegal restriction the federal government put on guns in schools. The wacked-out killers are consistently unsuccessful around people who shoot back (8 examples here).

The factor that is screaming to be top dog is the plague of psychotropics including Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor and Pristiq. Suicide, violence, uncontrollable anger, confusion and more are being prescribed by a sick, out-of-control partnership between big pharma and big psychology. My psychologist friends are horrified at what their industry has become. EVERY ONE of the mass shootings in the last decade has prescription psychotropics in common.

The government schools themselves are guilty of multiple counts of complicity in this. I owe this area multiple essays, but plenty of people have written essays and books describing many of the massive flaws and outright destructive design of our Prussian-modeled child-rearing monopoly.

Interest, aptitude, individualism, exceptionalism, creativity, thinking and so much more are specifically prohibited.

At or before the crack of dawn, children are bussed away from their community into mass holding pens. There they are forced to move at the sound of buzzers and bells from room to room in age-segregated groupings.

They are force-fed from a firehose, such a high volume of information that they cannot possibly THOUGHTFULLY CONSIDER any single bit of it. Much of what is poured into their brains is absolutely incorrect. Misinformation is pumped in with no time to weigh its merits and no balancing information from other sources.

Thinking time is not even allowed after they are released and bussed back to their neighborhoods. Garbage is shoved upon them at a prodigious, overwhelming rate until bedtime.

During the intire period of their lives when the synapses in their brains are forming at the greatest rate, the channels are controlled by the central government. Thinking is actively discouraged. That aspect of human brain development is undesirable in the model citizen.

They have programs for children who don’t respond well to this treatment. More accurately, They have a prescription for those who don’t sit still, who find more interest in the world outside their assigned seats: Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor and Pristiq. Hiding in here are your mass murderers; your destroyers of the human spirit… and in too many cases, human lives.

If you love children and a free country, your prescription must be to keep your children and those of your community out of such places. Make sure the highest priorities in their formative years are interest, aptitude, individualism, exceptionalism, creativity, thinking and the freedom to blossom as a unique person.