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ham exams online

There are many different learning styles. By happy coincidence, there are several choices in online ham exams and study programs. You have to decide what suits you best.

I tried five of the ham practice test providers that were no charge to use. I worked with the ARRL License Manuals. I think the combination of paper book, weekly class facilitator and online exams works well. Thus that is what I offer.

You might look at the exam providers below and decide to take some of the lessons they offer. You might prefer a fee-based provider not listed below. You are in charge.

My notes were from a single pass through one set of questions at each site. A more thorough look might find features I missed. The exception is the first one that I settled on for my own Amateur Extra exam training.

Create an account. Sample tests mimic actual exam in number of random questions – EXCEPT you immediately know if your answer is right or wrong before moving to next question. Progress tracking.
This is the favorite of my students. Use STUDY MODE and click the upper-right tabs for explanations and memory tricks before moving to the next question. Test rarely for a status check.

Create an account. Sample tests realistically mimic actual exam. Progress tracking. Detailed graphs indicate your strengths and areas needing work.

No sign-on that I saw. Sample tests mimic actual exam. No progress tracking.

Sign-on. Sample tests mimic actual exam. No progress tracking that I saw.

I saw no sign-on. Sample test was ten questions only.