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antennas and cables

I do not recommend you begin connecting your radio to a remote antenna by building your own antenna OR cable. It is not as simple as it looks. Your first remote antenna and cable should be purchased from a reputable engineering firm.

Here are three choices:
Ham Radio Outlet
DX Engineering cables
DX Engineering vhf uhf antennas

Doing it like that will get you a good solid start where setting up and operating your radio gear are the primary variables.

IF you decide to immerse yourself into antenna and/or cable building you will have a pro-built setup for comparison and example.

There are nearly unlimited resources in print and on the Internet. DuckDuckGo search for whatever you want – books, videos, components, instructions …

You may even find some of what you seek right here at this website. I put on a jungle antenna building session in my workshop that was a lot of fun for all of us and resulted in a variety of antennas for VHF or UHF use.

Designing, constructing and employing antennas is an area hams can do at home, quite unlike building modern radio gear.