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2020 Class Schedule

The Spring 2020 class was interrupted by official reactions to the event we know as “COVID”. Darby Schools, including Darby Adult Education were shut down. The Darby Library whose meeting room I used for my classes was shut down. The people who were working for their Amateur Radio licenses were shut down. So was most of the social and business world.

I leave this page up as a sample of how I ran my training program based on the AARL Amateur Radio Technician Handbook. I lead a discussion and helped explain the topics in a chapter each week format.

With or without my assistance I think the text book is a good thing to read through in addition to online study.

– Ted

Welcome to Amateur Radio
FCC, licensing, getting your license
February 1st, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Radio and Signals Fundamentals
February 8th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Electricity, Components and Circuits
February 15th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Propagation, Antennas and Feed Lines
February 22nd, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Amateur Radio Equipment
February 29th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Communicating With Other Hams
March 7th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Licensing Regulations
March 14th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

Operating Regulations
March 21st, 1030-1230, Darby Library

March 28th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

FCC License Test Session – Technician, General, Amateur Extra
April 4th, 1030-1130, Darby Library
The VEC (Volunteer Exam Coordinator) may change the time and/or location to meet the needs of his team of VEs (Volunteer Examiners).

programming, using your ham radio
April 11th, 1030-1230, Darby Library

practice using your ham radio
April 18th, 1030-1230, Darby Library