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The question of the day was, “Where did all my time go?”. So I started organizing. First step in organizing is, of course, to make a list. Oh. No wonder.

I am a member of all of the below, active member of most and on the executive board of nearly half. You might notice a common thread among them. THAT is what motivates me … my life, liberty and property rights as well as yours and everybody else’s.

Some may have a less-than-stellar reputation in your mind. I know they did in mine before I looked deeper and met the people involved. I encourage you to stare your prejudices down.

Go look. I linked them to make it easy for you. Don’t automatically believe the bad press you have been fed. It just might not be accurate.

How does he do it?
Yeah, I admit this appears to be a bit over the top in the community involvement. If you compare it to a future without liberty, you’ll understand why I invest heavily now. I am unsure I’d survive the alternative. My secret tip for the day: Turn off your TV… better still, don’t have one.

Constitution Party
Ron Paul campaigns, pro-life, right to bear arms, nullification, oath keepers, patriots unite
* national party, occasional meetings
focus: political campaigns, education

Constitutional Sheriff & Peace Officer Association (Ted Dunlap, Ada County candidate)
Constitution, Bill of Rights, liberty, freedom, state’s rights, nullification
* national meetings, support, information, educate sheriffs
focus: Sheriffs standing between individuals and illegally over-reaching federal agencies

Fully Informed Jury Association (Ted Dunlap, Idaho state coordinator)
Constitution, Bill of Rights, liberty, freedom, nullification, jury nullification
* no meetings, rare events
focus: educating jurors they have the right and obligation to judge the law and the accused

Idaho General Assembly (Meetup: Sons & Daughters of the Republic) (Ted Dunlap, chairman)
Constitution, Bill of Rights, liberty, freedom, nullification
* meets most Thursdays 7:00pm at Lake Hazel/Five Mile Garbonzo’s Pizza
focus: lawful government traced from Declaration of Independence,
multiple county general assemblies need to be started, organized and assisted

Idahoans for Liberty
Ron Paul campaigns, politics & activism, local politics, social movements, U.S. Constitution, Libertarian, Bill of Rights
* April 21st, yard sale for constitutional sheriff campaign
focus: political campaigns, education

John Birch Society
Constitution, freedom, anti-Agenda 21, oppose U.N., secure borders
* irregular meetings
focus: political activism

Kuna Chamber of Commerce
community growth, business development, mutual support for business and enterprise
* 3rd Wednesday 11:45-1:00pm

Kuna City Code Review Board (Ted Dunlap board member)
5-member appointed committee to review city code and suggest changes to City Council that
would help remove barriers to growth, development and private property rights
* meet 2nd, 4th Thursdays at 3:00pm
focus: local liberty, pro-growth, pro-community

Kuna Lions (Ted Dunlap, First Vice President)
community service organization, major focus on sight and hearing services
free sight/hearing testing for elementary school children in Idaho, eye bank, surgery, glasses

Libertarian Party of Idaho (Ted Dunlap, Treasurer)
Libertarian, Constitution, anti-Agenda 21, oppose U.N., politics, Bill of Rights, nullification
* irregular state meetings, annual meetings, bi-annual national meetings
focus: political campaigns, education

Mulligan Band (Ted Dunlap 3rd & bass trombone)
New Horizon band, playing concert band music for the joy of it
* practices every Saturday 8:00-10:00am throughout school year, occasional free concerts

Nampa Rod And Gun Club
shooting club: high power rifle, practical pistol, steel challenge, bullseye pistol, international air rifle/pistol, silhouette pistol, hunter/shooter safety, junior training/competition
* high power practices every Wednesday evening April-Sept., matches 4th Sunday + others
Ted Dunlap ex-junior director/coach, past-president, NRA high power Expert, occasional other

National Rifle Association (Ted Dunlap high power rifle competition ranking: Expert)
rifle, pistol, shotgun, air gun, safety, defense, shooting, training, competitions, political activism

Oath Keepers
Peace Officers, Constitution, freedom, liberty, preparedness, military, veterans, Tea Party, right to bear arms, orders we will not obey
focus: inform, activism, coordinate

Ted Dunlap for Sheriff chief cook and bottle washer, webmaster, writer, social media, system administrator, speaker…
Constitutional Sheriff for Ada County, standing for lawful government, liberty, peace officer

just starting, strong Treasure Valley beginning, Agenda 21, preparedness, liberty, freedom, Constitutional Sheriff, Constitution, Bill of Rights
* good kick-off event, great movie, nothing scheduled yet, building infrastructure and organization
focus: foil fascist takeover

Treasure Valley Tea Party
Libertarian, politics & activism, constitution, conservative, freedom, the 912 project,
Ron Paul campaign, Bill of Rights, secured borders, states rights
* irregular meetings, events
focus: political activism within Republican Party