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I created and maintain two websites related to the Ted Dunlap for Ada County Sheriff election campaign. This one I intend to serve the people who are somewhat curious about who this guy is that is running for sheriff.

Over at Ada Liberty .com, however, I publish a whole lot more information about WHY we need a Constitutional Sheriff. What are the threats to our liberty that are serious enough to inspire Ted Dunlap to spend most of a year in this effort?

I suggest that the best way to understand that begins with the column on the left of that website. The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights are documented there as are the current raft of rules, laws and elitist actions destroying the basic, fundamental human liberties defined by those documents.

The position of sheriff is the perfect antidote – that is, if your county has a Constitutional Sheriff. My challenger, the incumbent, is not concerned about your liberties, the Constitution or any threats thereto.

You had better educate yourself, your friends and neighbors while you still have the ability to do something relatively easy to change these things.

Look around at AdaLiberty.com. A whole lot is riding on it.