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accomplished something

My life is rather hectic and nearly completely consumed with buying and moving into a new home on the Bitterroot. But a friend in need called. It was important and urgent. Then, though I couldn’t do much, I did write a bit about the story.

See The Tale of Tara

Why was I compelled to spend a few hours as an essayist in the middle of my own priorities? I couldn’t just ignore it. My head was churning on many ramifications of the events, not to mention the human side. I could at least do this little bit for them … and for us.

(You did go read it so you know what I’m talking about, didn’t you?)

I was rewarded soon after posting the essay by Tara herself:
Sobs.. hiccups.. more sobs… thank you. I have not adequate words to say how much this means to me. No words at all.
I couldn’t ask for better wages. Nowhere, nohow.

A couple other complimentary e-mails came that were icing on the cake. Nice. Thank you.

This morning I got a message that,
“Got a call from Dale xxxxxxx. He has offered help to Tara and her family–a place to stay, food, whatever they need.”

Dang! That is beautiful. What a HUGE boost for Tara and family. Dramatic.
Perhaps not so big to Dale, but a major turn in fortune for some in need of a change in trajectory.

Sometimes it is not all that hard to make a real difference. You just have to do the little bit you can afford.