Ted’s essays


sailing the San Francisco Bay on my Nacra 5.8 catamaran

Who am I?

Claire Wolf called me a Renaissance Man.
I had to look it up, but found she is correct.
I have yet to meet anyone who dabbles with as much as I do.

Writer, reader, publisher, webmaster
Activist, organizer, politician, Libertarian
Philosopher, economist, sociologist, psychologist
Mid-level rifleman, handgunner, careful ammo reloader
Husband, Dad, grandpa, son, friend, neighbor, stalwart teammate
1%-er high-performance-driver from 2 to 18 wheels, street and track
Organic gardener, small-farmer, teacher, chicken-rancher, landscaper
Amateur radio teacher, proponent, planner, organizer, provider, student
Nutritionist, herbalist, naturalpath, organic shopper, ingredient reader
Trombone and upright bass musician, band manager, teacher, student
Woodworker, metalworker, mechanic, fabricator, inventor, handyman, fixer
Prepper, self-defense advocate, militia proponent with focus on comms/inteligence

only 3-time overall winner in Sports Car Olympics history

aka: jack of all trades, master of none

Doing what I can to make my community a better place.

If you or I want something done,
I can probably figure out how to do it…
but I’m probably too busy to give it a go.