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This formation of electrons and creative writing herein is all mine. I know just enough about computers, writing and the world to present what you see here. I am hiding nothing. I am disguising nothing. I believe the content here and believe it to be important enough that I donate my time, capital and energy to providing it for any who are open to it.

Rather than believing what others attempted to pour into my brain, I STUDIED and THOUGHT about economics, anthropology, political science, government and much more. Though not for the timid and fearful, for the rest I highly recommend you do the same. Here I attempt to provide the stimulus and links to help you on that journey.

I am now embarked on the most important effort of my life. Seeing nobody else doing the job, I am working to become a Constitutional Sheriff for Ada County. Look around. Look around this website, the links and the world you live in. How important this is should be apparent to you.

HELP however you can. I can help you if enough people contribute to this campaign. We CAN have a free country, but we have to work for it.

Slavery comes cheap.
Do nothing and it’s all yours.
Liberty takes a bit more.


More essays and efforts for liberty:

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They are brought to you courtesy of Ted Dunlap in his role as
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