Ted’s essays

A beautiful humanity

As a youngster, I observed that my Dad loved the Lil’ Abner comic strip.

Dad was a smart man.

Among the characters in this comic was Joe Btfsplk, with his unpronounceable name and doomed life where disaster surrounded his every moment.

I am sometimes reminded of Joe when I find a black cloud inside a silver lining.

All that came to mind when I watched this video clip.

street orchestra from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

Please take a couple minutes to watch the video.

Any normal, well-balanced person would enjoy this unquestionably beautiful clip.

It is warm and uplifting.

They would simply stop there. Enjoy it. Appreciate it.

Unfortunately, in the here-and-now, with the current situation in world affairs, with the globalists wanting to change the world for the worst, I cannot fully relax and delight in the beauty these musical artists bring to an everyday street.

My painfully politically aware mind visualizes Made-In-USA bombs blowing all of these happy people into dead blood and guts; their gorgeous musical instruments into rubble; the audience into dead bodies.

If you think that is a sign I am sick, I think you are sick for accepting the ugly, perverse ruling elite of our country.

In my dream world, the psychopaths have no power, no authority.

Bullies are stomped.

Game over.